Wild Horses poster

Wild Horses

Length 14 min
Production year 2020
Director Simon Tillaas
Script Simon Tillaas
Producer Renée Mlodyszewski & Thomas Robsahm
Starring Liv Bernhoft Osa, Tone Mostraum
Director of photography Torbjørn Sundal Holen
Production design Marius Winje Brustad
Editor Mathilde Fridlund
Sound design Johan Pram & Peder Hammersborg
Composer Rene Gonzalez Slizewski

Ine (65) is a horseback-rider in the grey zone of dementia. One day her daughter demands that she give up her dearly beloved, but mismanaged horses.


Simon Tillaas (b. 1985) Born i Boden, Sweden. He graduated from the The Norwegian film school, directors’ class in 2014. His films often concern concepts of identity and memory and he is driven to tell stories in unexpected ways. His graduate film the little Death, has won national and international prizes, there among the regarded VFF Young Talent Award in Munich international festival of film schools.

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